Hexagram Of Saturn Hexagram Of Saturn

Hexagram Of Saturn

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hexagram of Saturn
This presentation is about the worship of Saturn. We will pay specific attention to the symbol of the hexagram as it relates to Saturn. Ancient man venerated the stars attributing them with godly powers. All religions come from an ancient stellar cult. Before man worshiped deities he worshiped the stars and planets. Man has been worshipping Saturn for thousands of years. Saturn is the Lord Of The Rings the supreme god and ruler of kings. The King of kings. The cult of Saturn has never stoped and its rites are still with us today. Saturn worship is the reason why we exchange rings at weddings and put halos on the heads of godly people. The feast of Saturnalia observed by the ancient Romans has been replaced by the feast of Christmas in contemporary society. We will also look at the great hexagon shaped storm on Saturn and see how it is linked to the black cube of Saturn. ancient man knew the power of the Hexagram and used it to depict the ancient primary trinity of Horus, Set and Shu. Stellar theology teaches that the Christian and Celtic cross represents not only the Sun but also Saturn, the black sun. The hexagram can be found in all religions as well as in occultism. Ancient civilisations such as the Sumerians and Armenians, adopted the hexagram into their culture. The Hexagram represent the union of masculine and famine forces and is the Talisman of Solomon. The hexagram is a geometric representation of the magical number 666. We will also look at the number nine. Nine is a heavenly number and is also associated with the Saturnian influence on Earth.